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Feather, Brick, Truck

“Feather, brick, truck.” Life will hit you with a feather. You might feel an itch but it is easily brushed off, you make no changes, and move on. Life will pelt you with a brick. It hurts like hell. If you get the message, you will make changes for the better and life continues in a new direction. If you still haven’t figured it out, then… Truck. When the truck comes it creates painful disruption. It is hard to get back up and the truth is, there's a chance that you may not. Your health and wellbeing is no different. Do you wait for your brick or truck and hope that medicine can work its wonders or do you take the prevention route and avoid the brick and the truck altogether (and if you're lucky, the feather too)? What will it take for you to make positive changes to optimize your health and create positive mental state shifts? At the beginning of the year I started to develop “brick” symptoms (the “feather” symptoms of tiredness had been ignored). The chronic neck pain, internal shaking and tremoring and negative thinking were all trying to red flag me. Burnout had come to teach me her lesson. In July of this year I did a talk called #Walkitoff. It was an informal talk on some proactive decisions I took regarding my health and mental state in my recovery process. The talk was filmed and over the past 3 months I’ve been hesitant to share it on a large scale because I have an A type attitude to things I do. I look for perfection when sometimes I should be just be looking for success. The message is what’s important, not the medium. So below is a link to the full talk on Youtube, that I would like to share with you. Feel free to forward it onto anyone that might benefit from the information. Chat soon

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